William N. Green, Ph.D.

Professor Department of Neurobiology
Work 927 E. 58th St. MC 0928 Chicago, IL 60637 Work Phone: 773.702.1763 Work Fax: 773.702.3774
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Research Interest

My research is focused on the cell biology of ionotropic neurotransmitter receptors, the receptors responsible for the rapid postsynaptic response in nerve and muscle. These receptors are large oligomeric membrane proteins with subunits surrounding an ion channel that opens when neurotransmitters bind to the receptor. There are two different families of ionotropic neurotransmitter receptors. One family includes nicotinic acetylcholine receptors (AChRs), GABA and glycine receptors, and the other family covers the ionotropic glutamate receptors. There are several projects ongoing in my lab characterizing the assembly, trafficking and clustering of these receptors.

Honors and Awards

Inaugural Albert & Ellen Grass Faculty Award from the Grass Foundation (2002–2005)
Distinguished Research Visitor Award from the University of Auckland (2006)
Stephen W. Kuffler Research Award from the MBL (2010)
Herbert W. Rand and the Colwin Endowed Summer Research Fellowship from the MBL (2011)
Fellow at Advanced Imaging Center at Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus (2017 & 2018

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  • Ph.D., 1986, Cornell University Graduate School of Medical Sciences, Physiology and Biophysics
  • B.Sc, 1978, University College, University of Toronto


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