In collaboration with Dr. Gokhan Mutlu, my research interest centers around the roles that cellular metabolism and reactive oxygen species play in regulating the response to lung injury and to air pollution. Ongoing projects include:

  1. How fibroblast metabolism regulates collagen protein production and fibrosis in the lung.
  2. How reactive oxygen species levels regulate gene transcription in pulmonary macrophages after exposure to air pollution particulate matter.
  3. How cellular metabolite usage affects inflammation in pulmonary macrophages during influenza infection.
  4. How cellular metabolism regulates epithelial proliferation and differentiation.

Recent Publications:

  • Hamanaka RB, Mutlu GM. (2017). PFKFB3, a Direct Target of p63, is Required for Proliferation and Inhibits Differentiation in Epidermal Keratinocytes. J Invest Dermatol. In Press
  • Nigdelioglu R, Hamanaka RB, Meliton AY, O‚ÄôLeary E, Witt LJ, Cho T Sun K, Bonham C, Wu D, Woods PS, Husain AN, Wolfgeher D, Dulin NO, Chandel NS, Mutlu GM. (2016). Transforming Growth Factor (TGF)-b Promotes de novo Serine Synthesis for Collagen Production. J Biol Chem 291:27239-27251.
  • Hamanaka RB, Weinberg SE, Reczek CR, Chandel NS. (2016). The Mitochondrial Respiratory Chain is Required for Organismal Adaptation to Hypoxia. Cell Rep. 15:451-459.



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